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If YOU are serious  about owning a property in Florida then you need to read the information below NOW...

Do You Want to Make Money

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Then You Must Read the

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All the insider tricks you must know about buying property in Florida, whether as an investment, buy to let or a second home all in one place....      

Dear Friend,

If you were uncertain about property investment in Florida up until now, after you read this information you will have all the insider secrets at         your fingertips to make a decision easy where and how  to invest and  where to make the most money fast……….

Can I get a special deal on a property?

Like in the UK there are always times where if you act quickly and       know where to look a deal can be closed with huge discounts.     Uncovered are little known secrets that can save you big bucks when looking for a property in any part of the state.

Will it tell me what I need to know?

All the shortcuts, proven techniques in clear English, the writer, having bought property in other areas of the United States went searching for property in Florida, she was amazed at the differences…….

Find out how to make profit the easy way in Florida. All the information you need for a money making opportunity.  

“Hi, I have been involved in buying and selling investment property for several years now, and have in the past relied very heavily on the advice of a number of Florida-based Realtors.

This book by Jacqueline Renals is the most authoritative, independent and powerful book I have ever seen on the property market in Florida . With the information contained in it, you can make your own decisions, and not reliant on the advice of a realtor, who is, obviously, in the deal to make money.

Whether you are looking to buy property anywhere in Florida as an investment or as your primary or even a holiday home, after carefully studying this book, you will be far better placed to make your decisions.

Even more, if you decide to go ahead and make your purchase, even if it is from my sources, I would highly recommend that if you are resident in the UK that you contact her for help and advice on how to proceed with your purchase.

The low fees that she charges will be way offset by the trouble free manner in which you get your hands on these keys.”

Geoff Morris, Autumn 2006  


"I have reviewed your manual and am very impressed. It should be very useful to anyone (not just from the UK ) who is considering a venture into the Florida Real Estate market for the first time."   DJ - Realtor Coldwell Banker. 

What should I be looking at?

From infrastructure to atmosphere plus including how to save money, avoid unnecessary charges when setting up your new doctor, dentist etc, her incredible findings are revealed in this manual.

Where should I be looking?

This information covers the entire state of Florida giving you the best areas to invest in, starting at the North West ‘Panhandle’, down to the Everglades .

Each area is covered in detail covering the pricing of typical properties with potential rental incomes if you are looking at a buy to rent or just looking at a property investment. Learn where the safe areas are to put your money.

Which type of property is going to make me the most money?

In Florida people are buying property for buy to rent or just a second home, buy to rents are better in some areas than others, this information gives you the guaranteed formula to making the most from your money.

How do I find a property?

The Americans are somewhat better organized at central property searches and the author tells you the secrets of how to find exactly what you want within your budget.

What about the legal side?

A well chosen formula to take the worry out of any legal issues you may have, this manual leaves no doubt what you need in the way of legal help.

How do I pick an estate agent?

In Florida as with other parts of the United States they call estate  agents Realtors, she has met with Realtors all over the Florida and give personal recommendations from trusted contacts.

How do I handle taxes, licenses etc?

To pay your taxes some sound dependable advice is given in this manual to avoid any sleepless nights. Tax planning is essential in Florida as it is in the UK and this is covered in understandable English!

Do I need a US bank account?

If you are looking to rent a property in Florida it probably is a good idea to open a bank account in the United States and again simple steps are given on how to do this in the quickest hassle free way.

What if I don’t want to live in Florida all the time?

If you are just looking at a second home or looking at a buy to rent, this information uncovers the most profitable way of dealing with this in a no nonsense way.

How do I get a mortgage?

Getting a mortgage is probably one of the easiest steps to arrange and this manual will uncover the best deals around today, in never before revealed information.

Can I get a mortgage in England ?

This information uncovers where to go in the UK to get a mortgage for your money making venture in Florida, dependable information into what is available today!

How much are the legal expenses?

Your expenses can be kept to a minimum if you follow the tried and tested formula available in this manual, which will cover 95% of your out goings.

What if I am not a US citizen?

Lots of property owners in Florida are not US citizens, and the procedures for getting extended stay are covered, including sample forms you may need to complete.

When Should I invest?

The time to invest in property in Florida is now, prices are still rising above the rate of inflation in most areas, so making money is almost guaranteed. You could double your property value in under five years if you use these proven techniques.

Money making opportunities

Also learn a little known secret of how to make considerable gains by selling on certain types of property without even having to take residence in less than 6 months!

The writer also has some money making investment properties in the   UK and together with this Florida Manual we are offering a FREE guide on how to run your own UK property portfolio and see your investments climb in your lifetime!

This UK manual has never before been published and gives you the secrets of finding the best areas to make money and find the most suitable tenants for your property.

This FREE guide covers proven techniques and areas such as how to get your property managed for you as well as the best places to get a buy to let mortgage and how to raise your initial capital. Turn your property portfolio into your future pension and don’t worry about your future income, no matter what age level you are!

The author is also offering a 8 week/56 day money back guarantee, that’s right  if during 8 weeks/56 days you do not feel you have gained anything useful we will refund your money in full, so there is NO RISK at all.

If you would like to see how to make sound money making decisions in Florida today, together with a FREE guide on how to build your own UK property portfolio and not worry about a future income. Then you need to get this information now!

Would you like to spend your winters in the sun rather than in miserable cold England with a guaranteed income……..

The cost of this information is only $57.00! All you need to do is press the "Click HERE to purchase button" below to order your Florida Property Manual today together with your FREE gift and reserve your place in the sun!  

The products are both pdf files delivered together on line in a winzip file and can be downloaded in less than one minute.


Stan Renals


PS. The property market is hot right now, use up to date information to base good financial decisions for your future.

PPS Order the Florida property manual today and you will receive the guide on renting out properties in the UK for FREE!

PPS We are offering a 8 week/56 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product during the 8 weeks/56day period we will refund your money in full no questions asked. What have you got to lose! Order today and build your wealth.





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